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About Sam Smyers

Sam Smyers is an artist and producer with tens of millions of streams to his name. He loves experimenting in many genres such as pop, latin, and house. 

In 2020, Sam's love for producing led him to create a YouTube channel to teach production and mixing skills to fellow producers.

In 2022, Sam began creating videos re-creating popular sounds in Serum. His sounds are used by many Grammy-award winning producers and the biggest DJs in the world.

In 2023, Sam’s sounds appeared in some of the biggest dance songs in the world including multiple Beatport #1’s.

Here's What Producers Had to Say

  • Calvin Harris

    "You're a wizard!"

  • Dillon Francis

    “Sam Smyers is GOATED when it comes to sound design it’s insane how fast he churns out videos and sounds I love this man”

  • Oliver

    "You clearly know what you're doing, love your videos/tutorials... big fan of your presets too, been using them a ton!"

  • Riordan

    "Do you know what’s so funny is I got loads of the synth sounds for 'Needle on the Record' from your YouTube hahaha. Big ups"

  • Westend

    "Needed some new inspiration, they (presets) sound great man"

  • Marten Horger

    "Hey my man! I love your videos and your preset packs too, f-ing amazing!"

  • Sickick

    "Hey dude, I absolutely love ur account 🙏"

  • Biscits

    "Great stuff dude! I’ve got all your preset packs!"

  • BUNT.

    "Bought your Serum packs couple weeks ago, phenomenal!"

  • Henry Fong

    "Your vids are so dope!!"

  • Ship Wrek

    "Love the video!! Sounds on point bro, love ur TikTok's"


    "I copped the packs you had out there currently, and they're really dope man. They're so time-saving!"

  • Mick Schultz

    "Picked up some of your Serum presets today. Wanted to support, the quality is amazing! Really well designed Sam."

  • Omnom

    "Been loving your tutorials man...just swooped up your Serum packs hopefully they bless me with some inspiration!"

  • Prince Fox

    "Go buy everything Sam Smyers makes! So helpful when writing!"

  • Wuki

    "Ur the man Sam!"

  • Trevor Orokoren

    "Thank you - your vids are the best tuts on youtube - keep going! Also your sounds are the best (and simplest) things since vengeance... You and Oliver make the few presets worth buying imo. Cheers!"