Sam Smyers Serum Tech House Collection Vol. 1

Sam Smyers Serum Tech House Collection Vol. 1

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This is a diverse collection of 100 tech house presets for Xfer Serum and 100 MIDI files.

This collection contains a combination of presets inspired by artists such as Fisher, John Summit, James Hype, Chris Lake, and original presets created by Sam Smyers.

You’ll get everything you need for your tech house songs all in one place, a total of 100 presets, including basses, leads, synths, pads, plucks, and keys.

You will also receive 100 MIDI files that were used to make the audio samples below, which you can use to inspire your next song!

Want to save on more tech house presets? Buy the complete tech house collection (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3). Bundle and Save!


Listen to some audio samples here:

The Sam Smyers Tech House Collection contains the following 100 presets: 

Preset Name Type Song Name Artist
BS 90s Organ [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS 808 Kick [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Angel Dust [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Angel Dust Solardo
BS Chromatic [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Chromatic Anti Up
BS Deceiver [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Deceiver Chris Lake
BS Deep Echo [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Disconnected [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Disconnected James Hype, Tita Lau
BS Doink [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Drone Saw Brass [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Drugs from Amsterdam [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Drugs from Amsterdam Mau P
BS Fat [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS FM Deep [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Deep Malaa, DJ Snake
BS FM Found Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Found Love Notion
BS FM Hey Pablo [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Hey Pablo Anti Up
BS Free [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Free Vintage Culture, Free, Inc
BS Free Your Body [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Free Your Body Chris Lake, Solardo
BS Get Stupid [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Get Stupid Cloonee
BS Growl Fantasy [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Hey Pablo [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Hey Pablo Anti Up
BS Horn Losing It [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Losing it Fisher
BS House Arrest [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass House Arrest Sofi Tukker, Gorgon City
BS Left to Right [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Left to Right Odd Mob
BS Little Beauty [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Little Beauty Fisher
BS Make Me Feel [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Make Me Feel John Summit
BS MAMI [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass MAMI Chris Lorenzo, COBRAH
BS Moon Groove [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Moon Groove Noizu
BS Pluck Body [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Body Loud Luxury
BS Pluck Gorgon [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Gorgon City
BS Pluck Move It [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Move It Dillon Francis, Valentino Khan
BS Pump It Louder [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Pump It Louder Tiesto, Black Eyed Peas
BS Pump It Up [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Pump It Up Endor
BS Pump The Breaks [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Pump The Breaks Dom Dolla
BS Reese Cruizer [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Reese Moving [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Reese Short [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Reese Womp [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Rhyme Dust [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Rhyme Dust MK, Dom Dolla
BS Stab New Gold [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass New Gold Dom Dolla
BS Strangers [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Strangers Dom Dolla
BS Strut [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Strut Kyle Walker
BS Sub Deep [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS Sub In Chicago [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass In Chicago John Summit
BS Sub Tech [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass
BS What is Real [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass What is Real Tita Lau
BS Wub Gimme That Bounce [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Gimme That Bounce Mau P
BS You Give Me A Feeling [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass You Give Me A Feeling James Hype, Vintage Culture
FX Laser Basic [Sam Smyers].fxp FX
FX Siren [Sam Smyers].fxp FX
KY Electric Piano [Sam Smyers].fxp Keys
KY House [Sam Smyers].fxp Keys
LD 90s Metal House [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD A Drug From God [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead A Drug From God Chris Lake, NPC
LD About You [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead About You Sonny Fodera, Biscits
LD Confident [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD CoolCat [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Drugs from Amsterdam [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Drugs from Amsterdam Mau P
LD FM Stab La Candela Viva [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead La Candela Viva Wax Motif
LD Forget It [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Forget It Matroda
LD G Block [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Gammy Elbow [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Gammy Elbow DJ Zinc, Chris Lorenzo
LD Gimme That Bounce [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Gimme That Bounce Mau P
LD Gold Dust [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Gold Dust (Dom Dolla Remix) Dom Dolla
LD Guddi Riddim [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Guddi Riddim DJ Snake
LD I Want You [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead I Want You La Fuente
LD In the Yuma [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead In the Yuma Chris Lake
LD It's A Killa [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead It's A Killa Fisher
LD Just Feels Tight [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Just Feels Tight Fisher
LD Kream Stab 1 [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Kream Stab 2 [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Losing My Head [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Losing My Head Julian Jordan
LD Made for Lovin [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead I Was Made For Lovin' You (James Hype Remix) James Hype
LD Me & U [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Me & U Biscits
LD Miracle Maker [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Miracle Maker Dom Dolla
LD Once Again [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Once Again Dillon Francis, VINNE
LD Organ Catch My Love [Sam Smy.fxp Lead Catch My Love Noizu
LD Over & Over [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Over & Over Shipwrek
LD Remember [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Remember Sonny Fodera, Gorgon City
LD Saw Drugs from Amsterdam [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Drugs from Amsterdam Mau P
LD Say Yeah [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Say Yeah James Hype
LD Sharp [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Show Me [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Show Me John Summit
LD Stab Disconnected [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Disconnected James Hype, Tita Lau
LD Super Gremlin VIP [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Super Gremlin (James Hype VIP) James Hype
LD The Feeling [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead The Feeling Massano
LD Top Floor Metal [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Yeah the Girls [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Yeah the Girls Fisher
LD You Little Beauty [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead You Little Beauty Fisher
PD 800 Strings [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad
PD Saws Wide [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad
PD String Bright [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad
PL 7th [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck
PL Crunch [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck
PL Flange [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck
PL Koto [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck
PL Tech [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck
SY BOTA [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth B.O.T.A. Eliza Rose
SY BRA BRA CRUZE [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth
SY BRA BRA NT [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth
SY BRA BRA Smooth [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth
SY Rhyme Dust [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Rhyme Dust MK, Dom Dolla
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