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Sam Smyers Tech House Vol. 1 Sample Pack

Sam Smyers Tech House Vol. 1 Sample Pack

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This Sam Smyers sample pack contains expertly-crafted and modern tech house samples, ready-to use in any DAW and 100% royalty-free. You don't need any expensive software or VSTs to use this sample pack. These samples are inspired by top tech house songs and artists.

Included in the Sam Smyers Tech House Vol. 1 sample pack are 450 royalty-free 44.1 kHz / 24 bit samples and 50 MIDI files. 

The one-shot synth (basses, leads, synths) samples in this pack were created using Serum and inspired by the latest tech house songs. Sam re-makes many popular tech house sounds in Serum and posts the videos on social media, so he wanted to make versions of these sounds that anyone could use, without the need for expensive Serum.

Listen to some audio samples here:

This Pack Contains:

  • 450 Samples
  • 44.1 kHz / 24 bit
  • 100% royalty-free
One Shots Loops MIDI
50 Basses 20 Basses 20 Bass Loops
50 Leads 25 Leads* 20 Lead Loops
50 Vocals* 20 Hat Loops 10 Synth Loops
25 Kicks 10 Synths
25 Claps 10 Drum Fills
13 Closed Hats 10 Atmospheres
12 Open Hats 10 Percussions
10 Synths 10 Rides
10 Crashes 10 Snare Rolls
10 Rides 10 Downlifter FX
10 Snares 10 Uplifter FX
5 Snare Rims 10 Misc FX
5 Toms 5 Shakers
5 Shakers 5 Tambourines
5 Top Loops

*There are 25 WET versions of vocals and 5 WET versions of leads

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