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The Sam Smyers Serum Sound Design Academy

The Sam Smyers Serum Sound Design Academy

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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xfer Serum

Are you tired of using the same generic sounds in your music? 🤔

Do you want to take your tracks to the next level and captivate your listeners with unique, professional-grade sounds?

Look no further!

The Sam Smyers Serum Sound Design Academy course is here to transform your creative journey.

 🎥 The Sam Smyers Serum Sound Design Academy Walkthrough

 🔥 What Will You Learn?

This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to master the art of sound design using Xfer Serum. You'll embark on a transformative learning journey that covers:

  • Serum Basics: Get acquainted with the interface, oscillators, filters, and modulation capabilities of Serum. Learn how to navigate the software with ease and unlock its true potential.
  • Wavetable Synthesis: Discover the power of wavetable synthesis and learn how to create and manipulate custom waveforms to craft unique and expressive sounds that stand out from the crowd.
  • Advanced Sound Sculpting: Dive deeper into Serum's advanced features and techniques. Explore the world of envelopes, LFOs, effects, and more. Develop your own signature sound and unleash your creativity.
  • Tips, Tricks, and Workflow Optimization: Discover time-saving techniques, expert tips, and insider tricks to streamline your sound design process. Maximize your efficiency and focus on what truly matters – crafting incredible music.

🎯 Why Choose Xfer Serum?

Xfer Serum has quickly become the industry standard in the world of electronic music production.
Its cutting-edge wavetable synthesis capabilities, intuitive interface, and limitless potential for sound manipulation make it a must-have tool for producers and sound designers alike.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, Xfer Serum empowers you to explore new sonic horizons and elevate your tracks to new heights.

🏆 Why Choose My Course?

Expert Guidance:

Learn from Sam Smyers, a seasoned sound designer who has extensive experience in the music industry.

Step-by-Step Learning:

Sam's structured curriculum ensures that you grasp each concept thoroughly before moving on to the next, guaranteeing a solid foundation in sound design.

Lifetime Access:

Gain lifetime access to the course materials, including updates and additional content. You can revisit the course anytime, at your own pace.

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👨‍🏫 Course Curriculum
(31 Lessons, 9 Hours of Content)

Chapter 1: Serum Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to Serum
Lesson 2: Oscillators
Lesson 3: Warp Knob
Lesson 4: Filters
Lesson 5: Envelopes
Lesson 6: LFOs
Lesson 7: Velocity and Note Graphs
Lesson 8: Matrix
Lesson 9: Macro Knobs and Mod
Lesson 10: Global
Lesson 11: FX
Lesson 12: Menu Items
Lesson 13: Wavetable Editor Part 1: Big Wave Display & FFT Area
Lesson 14: Wavetable Editor Part 2: Importing Audio

Chapter 2: Designing Sounds

Lesson 15: Bass: Plucks
Lesson 16: Bass: FM Synthesis
Lesson 17: Bass: Subs, 808s, & Reeses
Lesson 18: Bass/Leads: Bass House
Lesson 19: Leads
Lesson 20: Synths and Keys
Lesson 21: Pads
Lesson 22: Arpeggios

Chapter 3: Deconstructing Popular Sounds

Lesson 23: Research
Lesson 24: Deconstructing Presets
Lesson 25: Choosing a Wavetable
Lesson 26: Figuring out MIDI
Lesson 27: AI to the Rescue
Lesson 28: Frequency Analysis
Lesson 29: Brick-by Brick

Bonus: Start-to-Finish Sound Design

Tiesto - "Both" Bass
Idris Elba, Sasha Gigi - "Ooh Lala" Bass

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