Mixing and Mastering for Electronic Music Producers - Modern Mix Academy

Mixing and Mastering for Electronic Music Producers - Modern Mix Academy

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After seeing so many electronic music producers wasting a ton of time and still struggling to get great sounding mixes, I knew I had to do something...

I decided to create a course that walks you through exactly how to get full, clear, loud, and punchy mixes with step-by-step tutorials for every step of the way...

***This Course Includes 6 In-Depth Modules + 3 Bonus Modules Covering THE ESSENTIALS of Mixing in Meticulous Detail from A - Z!


I am going to show you...

  • How ANYONE Can Create An Amazing Mix, Even if they Have ZERO EXPERIENCE or Access to a Professional Studio
  • How to Improve the Clarity of your Mixes while Maximizing Loudness
  • How to Use Compression, EQ, Saturation, Reverb, Delay, and more!

After watching countless videos and hearing different opinions on the same topics from dozens of different Mix "Gurus" without getting the results I knew I deserved, I decided to take matters into my own hands...

I spent thousands of hours perfecting my mixing strategies and it became quickly obvious to me that the only thing that mattered were the right strategies and frameworks  that only the top mix engineers in the world knew...

I quickly achieved millions of streams on songs I mixed worldwide faster than I ever expected, and through this process I created, shared, and learned from the best and brightest mix engineers proven methods and strategies to dominate my mixes.

After applying these techniques, I was capable of creating professional-sounding mixes in no-time and over and over again.


Over 10 Hours of Step-by-step video walkthroughs of teaching you pro-level mixing strategies

The right settings for compression, EQ, reverb, etc. to help you quickly dial in your mix

270 pages of in-depth supplemental materials to help you follow along with each module

Secrets to using meters properly allowing you to mix in any room or environment
Proven workflows to help you finish your mix and know when it is done

Mixing hacks for loud, punchy, and clean mixes


Chapter 1: Mixing Fundamentals:

Learn everything that you need to know to get started mixing, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Chapter 2: Tools of the Masters

In-depth walkthroughs of all the tools you will need to know to begin mixing.

Chapter 3: Vocals

Discover the secret to mixing professional, radio-ready vocals.

Chapter 4: Drums

Uncover the techniques to making your drums loud and punchy and cut through the mix.

Chapter 5: Instruments

Expert strategies to maintain clarity and separation for all the instruments in your mix

Chapter 6: Putting it Together

Techniques and strategies to finish your radio-ready mix.

BONUS 1: Mastering Mastering

Learn the blueprint to creating radio-ready and loud masters.

BONUS 2: Vocal Tuning

Trade secrets of how to tune pop-level vocals.

BONUS 3: Marketing University

The guidebook to marketing yourself to get clients to PAY you for mixing.


Chapter 1: Mixing Fundamentals

Introduction (5:05)
Section 1: Recommended Equipment (7:00)
Section 2: Ableton Live Overview (7:00)
Section 3: Clip Editing (10:00)
Section 4: Automation (11:05)
Section 5: Organizing the Session (26:05)
Section 6: Thinking about Balance (7:05)
Section 7: Setting up a Static Mix (12:05)

Chapter 2: Tools of the Masters

Introduction (2:00)
Section 1: Mono/Stereo - Panning (15:00)
Section 2: EQ (15:00)
Section 3: Dynamics (28:00)
Section 4: Bus Compression (5:05)
Section 5: Reverb (13:05)
Section 6: Delay (6:05)
Section 7: Saturation / Distortion (10:05)
Section 8: Chorus/Flanger/Phaser (5:05)
Section 9: Pitch Shift (7:05)

Chapter 3: Vocals

Introduction (1:00)
Section 1: Vocal Editing & Timing (17:00)
Section 2: Dry Vocals (18:00)
Section 3: Reverb and Delay (20:00)
Section 4: Lead Vocals (16:00)
Section 5: Background Vocals (20:00)
Section 6: Bus Processing (9:00)
Section 7: Ear Candy (3:00)

Chapter 4: Drums

Introduction (2:00)
Section 1: Kick (18:00)
Section 2: Snare Claps AND Snaps (11:00)
Section 3: Tops (Cymbals, Hi Percussions) (11:00)
Section 4: Toms and Percussion (8:00)
Section 5: Bus Processing (10:00)

Chapter 5: Instruments

Introduction (2:00)
Section 1: Bass (25:00)
Section 2: Synths/Pads/Keys (10:00)
Section 3: Guitars (9:00)
Section 4: FX (6:00)
Section 5: Bus Processing (19:00)

Chapter 6: Putting It Together

Introduction (2:00)
Section 1: Mixing Workflow (5:00)
Section 2: Checklist for a Great Mix (4:00)
Section 3: Balanced Mix (15:00)
Section 4: Optimizing for Loudness (12:00)
Section 5: Bouncing Final Mix and Stems (12:00)

Bonus 1: Mastering Mastering

Introduction (3:00)
Section 1: Digital Audio Basics (6:00)
Section 2: Loudness Meter (9:00)
Section 3: Reference Tracks for Mastering (9:00)
Section 4: Metering (5:00)
Section 5: Steps to a Great Master (17:00)
Section 6: Bouncing (2:00)

Bonus 2: Vocal Tuning

Introduction (3:00)
Section 1: AutoTune Overview (11:00)
Section 2: Melodyne Overview (16:00)
Section 3: Melodyne Tips (15:00)

Bonus 3: Marketing University

Introduction (1:00)
Section 1: Building your Portfolio (7:00)
Section 2: Finding Clients (13:00)
Section 3: Lead Magnets and Websites (6:00)
Section 4: Getting to Work and Getting Paid (8:00)


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