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Sam Smyers Serum Tech House Collection Vol. 2

Sam Smyers Serum Tech House Collection Vol. 2

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This is a diverse collection of 50 tech house presets for Xfer Serum and 50 MIDI files.

This collection contains a combination of presets inspired by artists such as Fisher, Dom Dolla, James Hype, Chris Lake, and Sam Smyers.

You’ll get everything you need for your tech house songs all in one place, a total of 50 presets, including basses, leads, fx, and synths.

You will also receive 50 MIDI files that were used to make the audio samples below, which you can use to inspire your next song!

Requires Serum v.1.363

Listen to some audio samples here:

The Sam Smyers Tech House Collection contains the following 50 presets: 

Preset Name Type Song Name Artist
BS All The Girls [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass All The Girls J. Worra, Skift K3y
BS Badman Sound [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Badman Sound Cloonee
BS Beggin [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Beggin Chris Lake, Aluna
BS Bracadu [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Bracadu Duke & Jones
BS Dance With The Groove [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Dance With The Groove Ben Kim
BS Do My Thing [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Do My Thing Wade
BS Eat Your Man [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Eat Your Man Dom Dolla, Nelly Furtado
BS Express Yourself [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Express Yourself (Mochakk Remix) Diplo, Mochakk
BS Hello [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Hello Laidback Luke, Vinne, Beauz,
BS In My Mind Wa [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass In My Mind Bleu Claire
BS Lost [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Lost Noizu
BS Lost Wow [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Lost Noizu
BS MOFO [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass MOFO Cloonee
BS One By One [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass One By One Gabry Ponte, Hosanna
BS Saturday Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Saturday Love Matroda, Dino DZ
BS Sweat FM Stab [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Sweat Essel
BS Sweat Organ [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Sweat Essel
BS Take It Off [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Take It Off Fisher, Aatig
BS Tocata [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Tocata Watzgood
BS Vibe With It [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Vibe With It Ferreck Dawn, The Melody Men
BS Waiting For You [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Waiting For You Mr. Belt & Wezol, Magnus
FX A Drug From God Woop [Sam Smyers].fxp FX A Drug From God Chris Lake, NPC
FX Beggin [Sam Smyers].fxp FX Beggin Chris Lake, Aluna
FX Eat Your Man FM Stab [Sam Smyers].fxp FX Eat Your Man Dom Dolla, Nelly Furtado
FX Stab Sidewindah [Sam Smyers].fxp FX Sidewindah Gorgon City, Flirta D
LD 99 [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead 99 Madison Mars
LD Activate [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Activate Deeper Purpose
LD Attracted [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Attracted Tony Romera, Crusy
LD Can't Fight The Feeling [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Can't Fight The Feeling Matroda
LD Daddy's Back [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Daddy's Back Black V Neck
LD Don't Stop [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Don't Stop Biscits
LD Eat Your Man [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Eat Your Man Dom Dolla, Nelly Furtado
LD Free Your Body Remix [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Free Your Body (Noizu Remix) Noizu
LD Gimme Some Keys [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Gimme Some Keys Matroda
LD Good Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Good Love Hannah Laing, RoRo
LD Hello? [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead
LD Lost [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Lost Noizu
LD My Mind [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead My Mind Vinne, Smack
LD Saturday Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Saturday Love Matroda
LD Sleep Walk [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Sleep Walk Benson
LD Snatch [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Snatch Malaa
LD Sweat Pluck [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Sweat Essel
LD U OK? [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead U OK? Parisi, Steve Angelo, Sebastian Ingrosso
LD VIP Business [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead VIP Business Solardo, Joshwa
LD Where You Are [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Where You Are John Summit
SY Beggin [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Beggin Chris Lake, Aluna
SY Gas Pedal [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Gas Pedal (Kyle Watson Remix) Kyle Watson
SY Take It Off [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Take It Off Fisher, Aatig
SY Throw Your Hands [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Throw Your Hands Matroda
SY You Shine [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth You Shine Wave Wave, Jake Silva, Sirona
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