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Sam Smyers Serum Viral Sounds Collection

Sam Smyers Serum Viral Sounds Collection

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The Sam Smyers Serum Viral Sounds Collection is a diverse collection of artist-inspired presets for Xfer Serum and MIDI files.

This collection contains presets inspired by artists such as Fred Again.., Odesza, Lady Gaga, Meduza, and many many more. The full list of presets and the artists they are inspired by is below.

This collection contains:

  • 155 Serum presets (requires Serum v.1.363)
  • 157 MIDI files

These are sounds that Sam has made from his videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok that vary from Pop, EDM, Indie, House, and more genres to give you a complete arsenal of sounds to create your next hit!

Requires Serum v.1.363

Listen to Some Audio Samples Here:

The Sam Smyers Viral Sounds Collection contains the following 155 presets: 

Preset Name Type Song Name Artist
BS 1035 [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass 1035 Tiesto
BS Acid Heute Nacht [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Acid Heute Nacht Maddix
BS Acid Take Me High [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Take Me High Kx5, Kaskade & Deadmau5
BS Arpeggio [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Arpeggio Hi-Lo, Space 92
BS Be The One [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Be The One Eli Brown
BS Believe [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Believe Acraze, Goodboys
BS Breathe [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Breathe The Prodigy
BS Calling Growl [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Calling Metro Boomin
BS Caught A Body [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Caught A Body Alesso, Ty Dolla $ign
BS Check Out [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Check Out J. Worra
BS Danielle [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Danielle Fred Again..
BS Dark Horse [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Dark Horse Katy Perry
BS Die For You [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Die For You The Weeknd, Ariana Grande
BS Everything You Have Done [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Everything You Have Done Genesi, Meduza
BS Fancy [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Fancy Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX
BS Friends [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Friends Meduza
BS G.U.Y. [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass G.U.Y. Lady Gaga
BS Gangsta Gangsta [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Gangsta Gangsta Dr. Fresch
BS God Is A Woman [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass God Is A Woman Ariana Grande
BS Gone [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Gone Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens
BS Good Ones [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Good Ones Charli XCX
BS Heads Will Roll [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) A-Trak, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
BS Heavy Metal Lover [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Heavy Metal Lover Lady Gaga
BS Hypnotized [Sam Smyers].fxp BASS Hypnotized Purple Disco Machine
BS Into You [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Into You Ariana Grande
BS Its Time To Move [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Its Time To Move Sosa UK
BS Judas [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Judas Lady Gaga
BS Jungle [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Jungle Fred Again..
BS Like A G6 [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Like A G6 Far East Movement, The Cataracs
BS Magic Carpet [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Magic Carpet Kyle Watson
BS Miracle [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Miracle Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding
BS Motto [Sam Smyers].fxp BASS Motto Tiesto
BS On & On [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass On & On Armin Van Buuren, Punctual
BS One Right Now [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass One Right Now Post Malone, The Weeknd
BS Pad Escape [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Escape Kaskade, Deadmau5, Kx5
BS Party in the USA [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Party in the USA Miley Cyrus
BS Pink Venom [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Pink Venom BLACKPINK
BS Players [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Players Coi Leray
BS Pluck Clap Your Hands [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Clap Your Hands Kungs
BS Pluck Latch [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Latch Disclosure
BS Purple NuDisco [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Purple Disco Machine
BS Push Up [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Push Up Creeds
BS Ready for Your Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Ready for Your Love Gorgon City, MNEK
BS Reso Pluck Magic Carpet [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Magic Carpet Kyle Watson
BS Sunflower [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Sunflower Post Malone, Swae Lee
BS Take Me Away [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Take Me Away Acraze
BS Take My Breath Away [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Take My Breath Away Berlin
BS Tell Me Why [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Tell Me Why Meduza
BS The Freaks [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass The Freaks David Guetta, Marten Hørger
BS The Freaks Sub [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass The Freaks David Guetta, Marten Hørger
BS The Plan [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass The Plan Travis Scott
BS Toxic [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Toxic Britney Spears
BS Turn On The Lights Again.. [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Turn On The Lights Again.. Fred Again..
BS Unholy [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Unholy Sam Smith, Kim Petras
BS Up All Week [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Up All Week Mura Masa
BS Voodoo [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Voodoo Gorgon City
BS Wasted Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Wasted Love Ofenbach, Lagique
BS What You've Done to Me [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass What You've Done to Me Kream, Millean
BS Wildfire [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Wildfire SBTRKT, Little Dragon
BS Wobble The Sign [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass The Sign Camelphat, Anyma
BS Wub Down Under [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Down Under Luude
BS Your Love [Sam Smyers].fxp Bass Your Love Sosa UK
LD Alive [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Alive Kx5
LD An*drol [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead An*drol Yosuf
LD As It Was [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead As It Was Harry Styles
LD Better Not [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Better Not Louis The Child
LD Bounce [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Bounce Calvin Harris
LD Boys [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Boys Charli XCX
LD Breathe [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Breathe The Prodigy
LD Day N Nite [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Day N Nite Kid Cudi, Crookers
LD Electric Feel [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Electric Feel MGMT
LD Escape [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Escape Kaskade, Deadmau5, Kx5
LD Eternity [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Eternity Anyma, Chris Avantgarde
LD Fireflies [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Fireflies Owl City
LD Gimme Gimme Gimme [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Gimme Gimme Gimme ABBA
LD GTA [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead GTA Grand Theft Auto
LD How You Like That [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead How You Like That BLACKPINK
LD Hypnotized [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Hypnotized Puple Disco Machine
LD I Was Lovin You [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead I Was Lovin You TS7
LD Innerbloom [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Innerbloom Rufus Du Sol
LD Just Dance & Poker Face [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Just Dance & Poker Face Lady Gaga
LD Kids [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Kids MGMT
LD Kiss Me Through The Phone [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Kiss Me Through The Phone Soulja Boy
LD Lost Woman Found [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Lost Woman Found Arca
LD Marea [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Marea Fred Again..
LD Murder In My Mind [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Murder In My Mind Kordhell
LD Omen [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Omen The Prodigy
LD Omen Wobble [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Omen Wobble The Prodigy
LD Party Rock Anthem [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Party Rock Anthem LMFAO
LD Pegasus [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Pegasus Meduza, Eli & Fur
LD Permanence [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Permanence David Guetta, Morten
LD Phonk 808 Cowbell [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead - -
LD Pink Diamond [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Pink Diamond Charli XCX
LD Return to OZ [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Return to OZ Artbat
LD Running Up That Hill [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Running Up That Hill Kate Bush
LD Sandstorm [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Sandstorm Darude
LD Satisfaction [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Satisfaction Benny Benassi, David Guetta
LD Saw Turn On The Lights Again [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Turn On The Lights Again.. Fred Again..
LD Shooting Stars [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Shooting Stars Bag Raiders
LD Strong [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Strong Fred Again.., Romy
LD Such Great Heights [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Such Great Heights The Postal Service
LD Sweet Nothing [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Sweet Nothing Calvin Harris
LD The Freaks [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead The Freaks David Guetta, Marten Hørger
LD The Nights [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead The Nights Avicii
LD The Real Slim Shady [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead The Real Slim Shady Eminem
LD The Sign [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead The Sign Camelphat, Anyma
LD Time to Pretend [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Time to Pretend MGMT
LD Upside Down [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Upside Down Meduza
LD Voodoo People [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Voodoo People The Prodigy
LD Water [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Water Kream
LD Worth Nothing Phonk Cowbell [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Worth Nothing Phonk Cowbell TWISTED, Oliver Tree
LD Wow Formant [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead - -
LD Your Love is My Drug [Sam Smyers].fxp Lead Your Love is My Drug Kesha
PD Annihilation [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad Annihilation Ben Salisbury
PD Innerbloom [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad Innerbloom Rufus Du Sol
PD Nathan [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad Nathan Fred Again..
PD Roses [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad Roses The Chainsmokers
PD Soft Innerbloom [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad Innerbloom Rufus Du Sol
PD Turn On The Lights Again [Sam Smyers].fxp Pad Turn On The Lights Again.. Fred Again..
PL Escape [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck Escape Kaskade, Deadmau5, Kx5
PL Innerbloom [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck Innerbloom Rufus Du Sol
PL White Noise [Sam Smyers].fxp Pluck White Noise Disclosure
SY Baby Don't Hurt Me [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Baby Don't Hurt Me David Guetta
SY Born Slippy [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Born Slippy Underworld
SY California Gurls [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth California Gurls Katy Perry
SY Closer [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Closer The Chainsmokers
SY Cupid [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Cupid Fifty Fifty
SY Dance in the Dark [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Dance in the Dark Lady Gaga
SY Everything In Its Right Place [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Everything In Its Right Place Radiohead
SY Firestarter [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Firestarter The Prodigy
SY God's Chariot [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth God's Chariot Oklou
SY I Like You [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth I Like You Post Malone
SY It's Strange [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth It's Strange Louis The Child, K. Flay
SY Last Goodbye [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth The Last Goodbye Odesza
SY Lonely Together [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Lonely Together Avicii, Rita Ora
SY LoveGame [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth LoveGame Lady Gaga
SY One Last Time [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth One Last Time Ariana Grande
SY Pursuit of Happiness [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Pursuit of Happiness Kid Cudi
SY Push Up [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Push Up Creeds
SY Rather Be [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Rather Be Clean Bandit
SY S&M [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth S&M Rihanna
SY Saw Escape [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Saw Escape Kaskade, Deadmau5, Kx5
SY Sexy Chick [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Sexy Chick David Guetta
SY Solitude [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Solitude M83
SY Stay [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Stay The Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber
SY Still Don't Know My Name [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Still Don't Know My Name Labrinth
SY Such Great Heights [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Such Great Heights The Postal Service
SY Sushi Restaurant [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Music for a Sushi Restaurant Harry Styles
SY Take On Me [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Take On Me A-ha
SY Tennis Court [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Tennis Court Flume, Lorde
SY Tik Tok [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Tik Tok Kesha
SY Titanium [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Titanium David Guetta
SY We R Who We R [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth We R Who We R Kesha
SY Womanizer [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth Womanizer Britney Spears
SY You & Me [Sam Smyers].fxp Synth You & Me (Flume Remix) Disclosure, Flume
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